Saturday, October 18

COMMUNICATION MODELS 3 :: "system" postcard

When the output (or "products") function along side (or interrelates with) other products it forms a system. Now, as the sender (again), you are to visualize the system.

Add additional knowledge to the dialog (and find supporting evidence for your argument) by conducting outside research. Narrow the scope and frame the dialetic by placing the product in one of the following contextual systems: social/cultural, historical, technical, or environmental.

Post a summation of this research (and sources) to your blogs.

Answering the following questions may help:
• What is the impact/relationship to other products?
• What is ONE argument (from a social, historical, technical or environmental point of view) that can be made about the object?
• What are the ramifications or benefits of this system?
• How could that engage in a dialectic based on the second postcard?

Add imagery AND text. Embellish and incorporate your partners imagery so that it is apparent that this an ongoing conversation and that the 3 postcards function as a cohesive series.

Deliverables due next class:
Produce a wide range of explorations & iterations. Post all to process blog. Then, select the best direction to produce as the final postcard. Print one and post the final to your blog (post title "phase 3: system postcard").

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Josh Lambert said...

is a site where James Jean and Kenichi Hoshine (both amazing illustrators and painters) are having a conversation by taking turns sending an illustration (with text) back and forth. Each turn is a response to the other - a little like what we are doing now.
This site hasn't been updated since 06' but very interesting.