Friday, October 17

COMMUNICATION MODELS 2 :: postcard feedback

Every message that has an intended receiver is interpreted, and to what effect? Provide your assigned partner the following feedback:

interpret your partner's message and provide them with feedback. Write a clear and articulate response and post in the comments section of your partner's blog post, using the following questions as a guide:
• Is the object rendered in a positive or negative tone?
• How did the aesthetic choices (such as cropping, lighting, orientation, color, media, level of abstraction, style, etc) guide your understanding?
•Based on the reading, what categories of transmission were used to send this message?
•Also based on the reading, (how) did noise affect your interpretation of the image?

after your partner (the receiver) has commented, reflect and respond. Was their interpretation in/correct? Clarify your intentions.

Blog Requirements:
The dialogue that starts w/the sender resides on sender's blog for entire project. Each post contains the sender's postcard (as a post), the receivers interpretation/reflection (as a comment or post) and the sender's intent/reflection (as a comment). Complete online feedback during class.

Partners are...
blake / corie
laura / adam
simon / jason
nick karn / nik smith
kaufman / gentry
veronica / sheila
ramzy / cassie
logan / matt

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