Saturday, October 18

COMMUNICATION MODELS 3 :: information graphic

By project's end, you are to produce a clear detailed infographic that visualizes your understanding of communication model theories, and illustrates your specific project outcome. Design a base model that could work for a wide range of basic communications. Then, for each project phase, annotate the model with supporting visuals and written remarks. Annotations will be about your specific experiences during this project, while the base is about how communication works in general. The base model and annotations should utilize distinct graphic languages, making one discernible from the other.

There are a range of communication models that can inform this project -- see lecture posted to the right under "course materials". Additionally, conduct a bit of research on your own to see what's out there.

for progress crit next class:
Show "proposed" directions of the "base model" (bare) and base model with several initial visual/verbal annotations. Annotations are elements you add on, such as a thumbnail of the postcard, a note about intent, a note about interpretation, etc.

due at project's end:
Final information graphic. Can be print or screen based, linear or non-linear.

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