Wednesday, October 15

COMMUNICATION MODELS 1 :: "object" postcard

You are to communicate your object (from the semiotics project) in a positive or negative tone.

Explore framing, lighting, focus, any image making/rendering styles (e.g. photo, illustration, collage, scratchboard, etc) to communicate your p.o.v. and editorialize the image.

Here are some examples. Post and describe examples you find elsewhere to your own blogs.

Create an image that is communicative, resonating and creative within the set of given parameters. It must be rendered as a single object only and can not incorporate text, symbols or additional objects. For print (5x7 inches, 300 dpi, CMYK) and for screen (550x393 pixels, 72 dpi, RGB).

Produce a wide range of explorations & iterations (post all as linear process, providing captions when necessary). Select the best image to produce as a postcard. Print one and post the final image only (no explanation) to your blog (post title "comm models: object postcard")

Final postcard and process is due next class session

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