Tuesday, September 16

RHETORIC :: junior / senior crit

Contact your group member to arrange a crit. After the meeting post a brief summation/synthesis of the feedback you received to your blogs for evaluation.

Complete this task before the end of the project for participation eval. Obviously, the sooner you meet, the more helpful it will be to your own process b/c you can implement changes prior to final crit (& prior to submission to the AIGA exhibit).

use these questions to help facilitate the discussion:
• Ask them to identify the tropes employed (& prior to you telling them what your intentions were).

• What graphic devices and/or text successfully supports the reading of the trope (e.g. it is obvious as a hyperbole)? What ones confuse/alter the trope (e.g. can't tell if it is a pun or not)?

• Is the message specific to the demographic? What specific visuals and/or text assist this? What ones confuse/distract? Is your message sensitive? Is it resonating?

• Is the message a clear call to action to vote? What's assisting this? What's hindering?

• Is your formal/stylistic approach appropriate to content and audience?

• Describe the relationship of text to image. Does one reinforce the other? Negate it? Contain a separate message? or something else?

• Is the main copy engaging (an attention getter)? Is the secondary copy clarifying (the call to action, vs. a "so what")?

Jessica Bayer, Alicia Rosas
Mark Adams, Genia Narinskaya
Curtis, Josh Lambert
Kelly, Morgan, Michael May
Matt, Kyle, Ryan Shawgo
Josh Lenz, Josh Eithun
Vivian, Teale Mayse
Justin, Jessica Lyew-Ayee, Sara Cramer
Collette, Cory Duplantis
Monina, Meredith Adams

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