Wednesday, September 3

RHETORIC 3 :: final schedule

1. concept development (1 week)
due 9/24:
5 audience research responses with visual examples. from here brainstorm rhetorical trope and sign pairings.

due 9/26:
mind map and matrix (40+ thumbs). from here select 3-4 viable concepts (each a different trope) for further exploration.
2. formal exploration (1 week)
due 10/1:
15+ clear pencil sketches proposing possible visual translations for the selected concepts. plus, write copy to coincide with sketches. from here select 3-4 possible directions for further development.

due 10/3:
propose & produce 6 form-making approaches (a.k.a. "tests") for the selected directions. must include off-computer image production methods. from here determine 2+ directions with the most potential for further development.
3. execution and refinement (1.5 weeks)
due 10/8:
compositional iterations for the select directions. digitally explore various approaches & alterations upon layout, typography, hierarchy, etc, at full size in the template. from here select the 2 most successful compositions (w/ different tropes in each) for further refinement. begin developing your process document for this project and the course as a whole.

due 10/10:
2 near-final posters for desk crit. from here implement changes based on instructor and peer feedback. continue preparation of your process document pages.

due 10/15:
2 final posters pinned up for crit, process posted on blogs, AND project documentation pages printed and turned in for grading.

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