Wednesday, September 3

RHETORIC 3 :: the vote poster

Here's a cursory look at historic and contemporary vote posters in the US and abroad.

Nichelle Narcisi's concept "Except You" was the winner at last year's Command X competition (at AIGA's Next Conference in Denver). Aimed at getting the 18-24-year-old vote out in 2008 her concept
"was an absolute triumph--literally bringing much of the audience (and two judges) to tears. She got a standing-O after she presented it, and another after being crowned the winner." (via Core 77)
Find your own example online and share the link with the class. Post during this project. Set up your post with a brief descriptor and use the following HTML tag:
<a href="URL of the Web page to go to">text that will be the link</a>


gerg.kaufman said...

a remake of a communist vote poster propaganda.

some politlcal humor propaganda for the homeland security.

and finally a pretty sweet sign language vote tshirt.

Greg Gentry said...

Found some voting posters and checked out the rock the vote website which is pretty cool and loaded with info. But my examples are posted to
my blog and also described.

Jason Comotto said...

found a nice aiga vote poster

and a nazi voting poster

Laura Berglund said...

vote posters to be inspired by

best poster ever

another good one

Nik Smith said...

Kitsch Ron Paul campaign poster.

This isn't a vote poster, but it's politically motivated.