Thursday, August 28

RHETORIC 2 :: lecture on rhetorical devices

download the pdf here.

find your own examples online and share the link with the class in the comments for this post. a few places to look:
fffound, behance, design archives

set up your post with a brief descriptor and try to name the rhetorical device(s) being used. use this html tag in your post:

<a href="the full url here">linking text in here</a>


Morgan Ashley said...

The works I chose to show are actually pdfs of a friend of mine that I've posted on my blog here, since there were no direct links to them (they've been on my hard drive).


I found and image that is ironic. Irony because it deliberately contrasts two things for unexpected effect.

This image is a hyperbole. The size of the hand is obviously exaggerated.

Morgan Ashley said...
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Morgan Ashley said...

the small stakes studio is an abundant haven for tropes. i bought this poster last year after jamie showed me their website because i loved the books so much. The poster uses metonymy (cassette tapes are an index to their low-fi sound), metaphor (the idea: we are all connected through music), and possibly formal puns (the structure of half a cassette tape resembles that of our ears and brain).

Kyle Huber said...

I am not sure, but does this qualify as a Metonymy?

This is aParody I think.

This is a Metaphor right?

This is a good example of a Pun

And finally, here is an example of Irony

If I was off on any of these, let me know!

Ian Tirone said...

This would be irony because you would expect to see what is described, rather than an actual Bosnian girl who is pretty in contrast to the ugly language.

and dis be punny

jessica lyew-ayee said...

I thought this was an interesting Parody


could be a metaphor and or allegory


jessica lyew-ayee said...

I think some might appreciate this pun

jessica lyew-ayee said...

a typical pun

V whicky said...

I found a Parody to the Old American Gothic painting. The person gave it a modern twist.
American Gothic Modern?

Also i found this Pun on the price of the pumps I really liked this one.
Crude Awakening

I am keeping an eye out for more!


Here's a hyperbole

Jason Comotto said...



gerg.kaufman said...

example of metonymy as well as allegory.






Nik Smith said...

Captain hyperbole


antithesis barbie is not so fabulous, actually.

Logan Smith said...



personification and irony

Laura Berglund said...

I just found some interesting images on ffffound that employ a range of rhetorical devices. SEE MA BLOG!

ma blog

Greg Gentry said...

Collected a few examples of some tropes that i found to be funny and to give me some motivation. Gentry's Blog

Josh Lambert said...

politewinter is a site where James Jean and Kenichi Hoshine (both amazing illustrators and painters) are having a conversation by taking turns sending an illustration (with text) back and forth. Each turn is a response to the other - kind of what we are doing now?
This site hasn't been updated since 06' but non the less interesting.