Tuesday, August 26

RHETORIC 1 :: the rhetorical poster

rhetoric is the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing. rhetorical figures offer a departure from normal usage by changing the meaning or application of words [AND visual form-making] for greater persuasion, impact & resonance.

for this project you will explore and then craft various rhetorical figures for the purpose of visually communicating a clear "call-to-action": to encourage voter registration and voter turn-out. you will create a pair of posters that will be submitted as a part of aiga's get out the vote 2008 campaign.

the rhetorical figures should illuminate and describe various qualities/purposes of voting in the 2008 election. 10 figures to explore:
irony, pun, parody, metonymy, metaphor, allegory, hyperbole, personification, antithesis, synecdoche

• communicate a message to a specific audience
• author content through image making and copy writing
• explain what rhetoric is, its visual/verbal relationship, and its implications for graphic design
• use rhetorical figures appropriately and creatively in the generation of new design work
• employ refined image making, composition and typographic sensibilities
• engage in the specified design process from ideation to execution

• open media (must explore off-computer image creation methods)
• for poster specifications see the AIGA design brief (PDF)

due: fri sept 19, (wed oct 15 for sec 2)

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